Criminal Law

We offer comprehensive legal services in criminal law related both to corporate criminal liability, including criminal compliance programmes, and criminal liability of individuals. The services are provided on an exclusive basis in cooperation with the law firm SEIFERT A PARTNEŘI, managed by he leading Czech defence counsel and criminal law specialist Filip Seifert.

We provide the following comprehensive legal advice in criminal law in particular:

  • comprehensive tailor-made criminal compliance programmes reflecting the requirements of the Corporate Criminal Liability Act (such as preparation, implementation, training and evaluation), with an emphasis on individual situational and client requirements
  • revision of existing criminal compliance programmes, risk management manuals, anti-corruption rules and codes of ethics, or other relevant internal regulations reflecting recent developments in legislation, judicial judgments and criminal compliance requirements
  • legal consultations on commercial or private activities in view of criminal law issues preparation of criminal complaints, and representation of the injured party in criminal proceedings
  • legal assistance related to procedures involved in criminal proceedings (such as filing explanations, witness hearings, police requests for assistance, residence searches or searches of other premises and land plots, and seizures)
  • defence of legal entities and individuals in all stages of criminal proceedings (in the preliminary stage including examination and investigation, and in proceedings before the court including preliminary hearing of the indictment, in the trial, in appeal or execution proceedings)

Comprehensive criminal compliance

Criminal compliance is a comprehensive system of internal controls and procedures aimed at preventing, identifying and responding to criminal conduct. Criminal compliance is a part of corporate culture, and can be an efficient tool for eliminating exposure to corporate criminal liability. A legal entity may be subject to criminal liability and criminal proceedings and may be sanctioned via a punishment and a protective measure, such as winding- up, a fine of up to nearly CZK 1.5 billion, a ban on the fulfilment of public contracts, or the publication of a sentence. A conviction of a legal entity is entered in a publicly accessible register (Criminal Register of Legal Entities).


Key contacts

JUDr. Filip Seifert, MBA

Filip Seifert has broad experience in criminal law. Previously, he was a probationer at the Municipal Court in Prague and passed a specialised judicial examination authorising him to act as a judge in the Czech Republic. Since 2005, he has worked as an attorney. Prior to establishing his own law firm SEIFERT A PARTNEŘI, he worked for 10 years at a renowned Czech law firm in the position of senior associate, and later, as a partner. Filip has extensive experience in criminal law, including corporate criminal liability, which is a field he deals with in his publications and lectures. He is a founding member of the Czech Union of Defence Counsels and a member of its board. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University, where he also received a D. Jur. degree. In addition, he obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA Senior Executive) degree, validated by the Nottingham Trent University in the UK. Filip speaks fluent English.

Key Contacts
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