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About Us

The HAVEL & PARTNERS ACADEMY was founded in April 2014 as a subsidiary of the largest Czech-Slovak law firm, HAVEL & PARTNERS. Our aim is to offer highly specialised educational seminars on topical issues of law and management at the highest level, and thus provide further added value to our clients. We have all the important prerequisites, including a top quality team of professionals and modern teaching facilities in the new premises of Florentinum.

Current topics

Our seminars do not end where the problem begins; rather, just the opposite. We offer specifically focused seminars and topics that you will not find anywhere else. We prepare our seminars based on a survey of current trends in the field of law and our clients’ demands and needs.

Different perspectives

Thanks to the wide range of legal services provided by HAVEL & PARTNERS, we offer seminars in all areas of law, led by top in-house lawyers, as well as generally recognised experts from among the ranks of academia and the representatives of public authorities. Each seminar is led by several lecturers, both theorists and practicing lawyers, who are therefore able to provide insights from different angles.

The biggest team of private law academics

Most seminars are led by generally recognised private law experts who have participated in its drafting and application and who know its sources of inspiration, the reasons behind it, its meaning and its interpretation. The team consists of co-authors of the new Civil Code and the elaborate commentary to it: Milan Hulmák, Filip Melzer, Petr Tégl and František Korbel. All of them cooperate with the law firm HAVEL & PARTNERS, and thus they form the strongest academic team focused on the new private law within a single law firm. Additionally, all team members are university teachers at various law schools in the Czech Republic and lecturers at the Judicial Academy.


Modern educational premises

The seminars take place in the modern educational premises of Florentinum in Prague, which was ranked as the best office space in Central and Eastern Europe in the prestigious international Central & Eastern European Real Estate Quality Awards in 2014.

Wide offer of services

Besides regular seminars in Florentinum, the HAVEL & PARTNERS ACADEMY also provides independent expert reports, individual seminars and consultations for the firm’s clients and for other interested parties, from both the private and public sector throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Academy team

František Korbel

Academy's Proxy-Holder


Veronika Dvořáková

Chief Operating Officer


Petr Tégl

Professional Trainer


Renáta Šínová

Professional Trainer


Filip Melzer

Professional Trainer


Milan Hulmák

Professional Trainer


Anežka Procházková

H&P Academy Coordinator


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