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Offices and branches


The Prague office of HAVEL & PARTNERS was established in 2001 as Havel & Holásek by experienced lawyers from leading international and Czech law firms, and gradually became the largest law firm in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the fastest-growing law firm in the CEE region. We are constantly strengthening our position on the legal services market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 


The Prague office is the main contact point for Czech and international clients doing business in the Czech Republic. The office has a team of 150 lawyers and is coordinated by the managing partner, Jaroslav Havel. Most of our partners and senior lawyers have considerable experience in top international law firms, such as Linklaters, Freshfields, Allen & Overy, Hogan Lovells, Norton Rose Fulbright, Dentons (Salans), Weil, White & Case, Baker & McKenzie, Squire Sanders, Gleiss Lutz, Noerr Stiefenhofer Lutz, Schoenherr, Wolf Theiss, Gide Loyrette Nouel, or leading Czech and Slovak law firms, and in top public sector positions, such as government ministries, the competition office, and the central bank.


The Prague office currently has around 1,000 clients, including international companies, medium-size firms, entrepreneurs, investors, and public sector authorities. The office also has a legal academy which offers each month practical workshops led by top experts and extensive know-how at its exclusive premises in the Florentinum business centre.


With a view to delivering its legal services to clients in the Moravia region, HAVEL & PARTNERS, as the first leading Prague-based law firm, established an office in Brno in 2009. The Brno office is the principal point of contact for clients not only from the South Moravia Region, but also from the broader territory of south and central Moravia and the Vysočina Region.


The legal team of the Brno office currently consists of more than 25 lawyers, coordinated by partners Jaroslav Havel, Ludvík Juřička and Robert Neruda. The legal team includes experts in competition law and public procurement law and more than 70 employees specialising in debt administration and enforcement.

The Brno office provides legal advice in all specialized areas; advice on comprehensive transactions, usually with an international element; advice on complex judicial, arbitration and administrative proceedings; and advice on competition. It represents clients before the Office for the Protection of Competition and the judicial authorities seated in Brno.

The Brno office is fully supported by the Prague office with respect to management and know-how, and during complicated transactions, specialists from the Prague team as well as expert translators and other professionals are always engaged according to need.


Currently, HAVEL & PARTNERS has approximately 100 clients in south and central Moravia and the Vysočina Region, and according to publicly available information it is thus the largest law firm in Moravia. The office provides services not only to clients from all over Moravia but also from the Moravian-Silesian Region (a total of approx. 150 clients). These clients are active in the region’s traditional industries, e.g. privatised industrial heavy engineering enterprises, major construction companies, public sector institutions, rapidly growing private IT, manufacturing, trade and service companies and foreign investors newly entering the region, especially from the United States, Germany, Austria and Asia.

The Brno office of HAVEL & PARTNERS actively contributes to the development of investment in the South Moravian region in cooperation with state institutions, public authorities, and business associations.


The Slovak office of HAVEL & PARTNERS has been present in Bratislava for more than ten years. It is now one of six offices of the HAVEL & PARTNERS network and the main contact point for clients from Slovakia as well as Czech and international clients doing business in Slovakia.


With a team of more than 30 experienced Slovak lawyers, we aim to provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice in all major areas of Slovak law and the highest standard of services provided. The Bratislava office provides its legal services nationwide. The office is managed by the partners Jaroslav Havel, Štěpán Štarha, Václav Audes, and Ondřej Majer. More partners from the Prague office closely cooperate with the Slovak team.

In the field of administration, management and knowhow, the Bratislava office is fully supported by the other HAVEL & PARTNERS offices. To address complex transactions, our specialists from the Czech legal team can be engaged at any time.


The office provides comprehensive legal advice and related tax advice to important Czech, Slovak, and international clients in all areas of business. Our clients include large international companies, medium-size firms, entrepreneurs, and investors. The office provides services to approximately 200 permanent clients, most of the major Slovak financial groups and about a quarter of the 100 largest Slovak companies.

HAVEL & PARTNERS in Bratislava, in cooperation with the relevant governmental agencies, administration authorities and business associations, actively supports investments in Slovakia.

Since August 2019, our new sixth office has been open in Pilsen.

One of the priorities of HAVEL & PARTNERS is to develop services tailored to major clients that maintain business relationships with German-speaking countries, particularly Germany and Austria. These clients include German and Austrian companies and private investors as well as Czech firms exporting to or investing in these countries. We are now available for these clients near their places of operation.

The Pilsen office is focused mainly on clients in western and southern Bohemia. The main contact persons in these regions are primarily the partners who come directly from or are domiciled in the region. These are Marek Lošan and Jaroslav Havel for western Bohemia and Marek Vojáček, František Korbel and Lukáš Syrový for southern Bohemia.

Our office in Olomouc was opened in 2018 as our third office in Moravia.

In cooperation with Cash Collectors, a partner collection agency, it offers in particular financial institution retail claim administration services, i.e. namely conducting trial, insolvency and inheritance proceedings.

The persons in change of the office are Ludvík Juřička and Marek Vojáček.


In 2006, HAVEL & PARTNERS was one of the first top Prague law firms to establish an office in Ostrava in order to provide legal services to the wider region of Central and North Moravia.


The Ostrava office is the main contact point for the clients of HAVEL & PARTNERS from the Moravian-Silesian region as well as the wider Central and North Moravian region.  


HAVEL & PARTNERS’ office in North and Central Moravia has more than 70 clients. These include clients involved in traditional regional business, such as large industrial enterprises, especially mining and heavy industry, and other branches of the manufacturing industry, large construction companies, as well as rapidly growing private firms relating to manufacturing, trade, and services, public sector institutions, and of course foreign investors from South Korea, Taiwan, the USA, Germany, and elsewhere.

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