HAVEL & PARTNERS and its partner collection agency Cash Collectors to open a new branch in Olomouc

Prague, 14 March 2018

The largest Czech-Slovak law firm HAVEL & PARTNERS, so far with offices in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Bratislava, will open a new office in Olomouc. It will offer in particular financial institution retail claim administration services, i.e. namely conducting trial, insolvency and inheritance proceedings. At the same time, it will serve as one of the three main contact points of HAVEL & PARTNERS in Moravia. Cash Collectors, a partner collection agency, also envisages the same move. Together, the two firms are planning to open dozens of new positions.


“At the moment, selection procedures are under way to fill in student, junior associate and administrative support vacancies. We are planning to have a team of about ten in the first year that we expect to double next year,” Jaroslav Havel, managing partner at HAVEL & PARTNERS, comments on the new staffing. The persons in change of the office will be Ludvík Juřička, Marek Vojáček and Jaroslav Havel; the Cash Collectors office will be headed by Oliver Uraz.

The new employees and other team members should be recruited among students and graduates of the Olomouc Faculty of Law, which the law firm is closely connected with thanks to Milan Hulmák, Filip Melzer, Petr Tégl and Renáta Šínová, who are faculty lecturers and teachers while at the same time being counsels at HAVEL & PARTNERS and the main lecturers in the HAVEL & PARTNERS ACADEMY. “There are a number of promising future lawyers studying at the Olomouc Faculty of Law, and we would like to help them get a head start in their careers in the firm that is at the top in its field,” adds Jaroslav Havel.

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