Companies use large amounts of data on their customers, employees, and business partners, which is vital for their business strategies. Personal information on customers, employees and business partners is also relevant, which can and does cause friction between their legitimate interests and the interests of the companies using the personal data. In the Czech Republic, as well as throughout the EU, personal data protection law tries to balance these interests. 
Recently, the Czech Office for Personal Data Protection has paid more attention to data protection compliance programmes. Still, many companies find it difficult to comply with the law and the expectations of the regulators and to harmonise their business priorities with the legitimate interests of customers, employees, job applicants or business partners.
In today’s competitive environment companies need information on job applicants to be able to choose the best. Companies need to process data on their employees to be able to assess, without discrimination, the effectiveness of working teams, to ensure adequate training, and to protect themselves against unfair practices. Any company profiling its business strategies needs to know its customers’ habits, wishes, and complaints. All these data often migrate from one company to another, travelling around the globe, or are available online. To tackle these challenges without unwanted legal consequences, proper data management and protection should be a key area for company managers.
Our services typically include:
  • information technologies;
  • personal data protection;
  • data protection audits;
  • notification compliance;
  • data transfer compliance; 
  • whistleblowing;
  • complex data management packages.
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