Industry sectors

Our lawyers are conscious of the fact that the provision of top-quality legal services requires not only an in-depth knowledge of law and its application, but also a wider understanding of the business areas of their clients. 
Hence, we have created a system of management for the law firm by practice areas as well as business specialisation. As such, this organisation is geared to providing legal services in the most effective manner where complex projects are managed by senior lawyers with a wide range of practical experience and with the support of specialists in the relevant legal areas.
The lawyers have extensive transactional expertise in the following practice areas: banking and other financial services (including leasing and factoring); energy, utilities, mining of raw materials, the environment and waste management; the automobile industry; mining, engineering + the chemical industry and petroleum refining; postal services, telecommunications and information technology; transportation and logistics; public sector and regulatory (in addition to transportation, energy, education, healthcare, etc.); consumer goods/FMCG (including retail chain operators); the food industry (including the tobacco industry), agriculture and forests; pharmaceuticals and healthcare (including social services); the arms industry; the media and media services; professional services; insurance and pension funds; the hotel industry and tourism; education, culture (science and research); sports law; lotteries and gaming; other services and production (e.g. electrical engineering and electronics, the rubber and plastics industry, glass and ceramics, textile, clothing, the leather and printing industry, paper and pulp manufacturing, the wood processing industry, manufacturing of construction materials, security services).
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